Tarakany! - Freedom Street CD

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In late 2003, their first studio album release on their new label, AiB Records. Ulitsa Svobody (Freedom Street) at its album release concert at Moscow's Gorbunova Palace (DKG) drew more than 2500 fans. The concert itself was recorded for CD and can also be found on their 2004 DVD A My Uzhe Rubim!. This album is filled with up-tempo and meaningful tracks about freedom, choice, and equality. The songs were each directed against intolerance, nationalism, and indifference.

… Ulitsa Svobody is just what this album could and simply had to be like—sharp, powerful, snotty, furious, uncompromising, and straight-ahead. This is for those who are able not only to ascertain the shortcomings of the surrounding reality and of theirs, but also to endeavour to change something, to change themselves, which is worth a lot. For those who do not want to remain indifferent, to tolerate their own drawbacks, who are not afraid to be misunderstood… The new release is not only invigorating and providing "mind and heart" music with healthy anger inoculation. This is an ultimate monolith full of ear-pleasing rock tunes. Intense, fuzzy, and huge record.


1. Делай сам 2:23
2. Восклицания знаки 2:23
3. Причина для ненависти 2:44
4. Границы Гетто 3:11
5. Кто и когда 2:58
6. Форева 1:56
7. Оставь это себе 3:00
8. Счастье будет твоим 2:45
9. Слово из 4-х букв 2:10
10. Тронь меня 2:48
11. Улица свободы 2:38
12. Вся планета Земля 2:40
13. Гимн демократической молодежи 2:21
14. Спасибо и до свидания 1:51

+ Bonus Tracks:
15. Моя идеология
16. Границы гетто (Демо)

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