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In 2013, FeeLee Records released both parts of Tarakany!'s new double-album, MaximumHappy. For this album, they invited special guests such as Chris Barker (Anti-Flag), Yotam Ben-Horin (Useless ID), Rodrigo González (Die Ärzte), and singer-songwriter Frank Turner. It was the first time Tarakany! found themselves in the No. 1 position on the Nashe Radio Russian rock chart, Chartova Dyuzhina, with their song "Pyat' Slov" featuring guest vocals by Lousine Gevorkian of Louna. The track remained on the charts for 20 weeks, which resulted in it being named the No. 1 song in Russia for 2013. One other song also earned No. 1 honors in 2013 on the Nashe charts: Tarakany!'s, "Samiy Schastlivy Chelovek Na Zemle" featuring the group Anacondaz. Officially, the two Tarakany! tracks received co-honors from Nashe. The videos for both songs accumulated over 1 million views each on YouTube. There were other videos from the album as well, including for the track, "Bog I Politisiya" ("God and Police") jointly made with Chris Barker of Anti-Flag. The music video for the song "Plokhie Tantsory" ("Schlechte Tänzer") featuring Rodrigo González from Die Ärzte, was deleted by YouTube's administrators 10 hours after being uploaded due to numerous complaints because of profanity. It did manage to rack up more than 100,000 hits during that ten hour

1. Я - это я! 2:26
2. Рыжий и длинный (feat. Frank Turner) 3:15
3. Потеря сознания 3:09
4. Пойдем на улицу!  4:01
5. Разжигай костры 3:09
6. Самый счастливый человек на Земле (feat. Anacondaz) 4:29
7. Я выпускаю себя на свободу 2:56
8. Speak Russian or die! 2:18
9. Любовь со сто первого взгляда 3:24

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