4 Tarakana - Stole? Drunk?! Go In Jail! LP

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Stole? Drunk?! Go In Jail! LP
1997 / 2018

In 1997, the band released their first album on FeeLee records titled Stole? Drunk?! Go In Jail! /Ukral? Vypil?! V Tyurmu!!! where they somewhat changed their stylistics, mixing a classic Ramones-inspired sound with early Green Day/Lookout! Records.

... the album is specially for those die-hard skeptics who still think rock'n'roll and punk died long ago. Traditional drive, power, fun, tastes, and smells. All the tracks are brilliant.
ОМ, February 1998

Immediately after releasing the album, the band changed their name to Tarakany! and it has remained unchanged to this day. Two songs from the album ("Durnaya Bashka" and "Nepogoda" received serious airplay on Radio Maximum, thereby increasing their army of fans, expanding their geography of performances, and pushing the band into several major rock and punk festivals where they shared the stage with bands such as Toy Dolls, Stranglers, the Exploited, and Rage against the Machine.


1 Вино На Пиво
2 Ночь-День-Ночь
3 Все, Что Мне Надо - Это Ты
4 Непогода
5 When She Was A Punk Girl
6 Крыса
7 Панк-Рок Песня
8 ...Я Пил
9 Дурная Башка
10 Украл? Выпил?! В Тюрьму!!!
11 Она (Больше Не Любит Меня)
12 Весна
13 Песня Архипа
14 Do You Wanna Be Punk
15 Украл? Выпил?! В Тюрьму!!! (Live in Tokyo)

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